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Genuine Farmers Market Constitution

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GFM Guest Farmer Policy

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Approval Process


1. Members must be farmers of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, cut flowers, propagated food plants and seedlings, and other agricultural products from which food can be produced. Value added items such as baked goods, pasta and jams, may be sold as long as the farmer has grown/produced at least one of the prime ingredients of the processed product.

2. A local farmer owns or leases a property in the local areas of Taree or Forster or surrounding shires, and plays a direct role in the management and output of the farming enterprise. (For more detail see GFMInc. Constitution – clause 9)

3. Farmers in other areas are also accepted as long as stated on the application as to the area they belong.

4. Stallholders are also accepted if they have bought ingredients from farmers and therefore become value adders. Names of farmers to appear on the application form.

5. Genuine Farmers Market Inc has the right to accept or refuse applications due to demand and diversity of products at the market.

6. From time to time Genuine Farmers Market Inc will accept makers and artisans to be involved in our market to promote the artistic and creative side of the community while still supporting farmers.


a. The application is assessed by the Management Committee.

b. If the Committee agrees that the application meets the criteria for membership, a new member farm inspection will be carried out.

c. If the application for membership is not approved by the Committee,  (either before or after a farm inspection), the applicant will be informed, and the Committee’s decision will be considered final.

d. Approved applicants must provide a copy of their current insurance documents, and any other documents required, before being allocated a stall and beginning to trade as well as signed the correct documents.

e. A New Member applicant is expected to have read the GFMInc Constitution, as well as our list of rules before making themselves aware of the full criteria for membership.

f. Stall holders are accepted if their ingredients are bought from farmers or growers and authentication is checked out.

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